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LG G Pro2, the latest LG flagship smartphone that is here for my review! Spotting a bigger screen but yet a slim profile it still is a great phone to hold! No wonder it is the “Best of MWC 2014”.

The Design 

The LG G Pro2 inherits the design traits of the G2 which incorporates the power and volume buttons at the back of the phone. The G Pro2 at first seems like an enlarged version of the G2 but comes with a lot more enhancements that it meets the eye. The 5.9 inch screen is one that is the most obvious difference. With only 3.3 mm ultra thin bezel and screen-to-frame ratio of 77.2%, no wonder the phone does not feel much more bulkier in the hands. 

The User Interface
The LG G Pro2 's interface is similar to that of G2. Comes preloaded with my review set is this cutesy bunny theme in which I believe girls will like! Other than that, the user interface seems smooth and easy to navigate around.

The LG G Pro2 also has the mini view feature. Making the phone screen smaller for one-hand operation. The Content Lock is also one feature that I find it useful! 

The ability to lock files,photos, videos and memos with a unique password means I can lock up some of my blogging files that are supposed to be embargoed till a certain date (or maybe I should lock up these delicious looking photos?). 

The Camera 
Together with my friend who owns a G2, we compared the cameras on the G Pro2. The camera on the G Pro2 have better colours than G2. It also works quite well under low light. The OIS+ gives it an extra advantage for stabilzing the shots.  Here are some pictures captured using the LG G Pro2 demonstrating some of the camera power of the phone. 

The Special Features 

The G Pro2 has also the G2 feature, "Knock On". The Knock On allows you to double tap on the screen to wake it up, so you don't need to reach for the power button at the back.  
LG took a step further with the G Pro2 to add an even more exciting feature that allows user to unlock the phone just by tapping - KNOCKCode. I like to imagine myself as a secret agent tapping secret codes into the phone. The KNOCKCode is a niffy feature that allows you to preset a tap-code sequence on your phone. How to do this? Watch my video below: 

The patented technology behind KNOCKCode makes it able to recognise your patterns. It is also easy and convenient to use. You can tap anywhere with your own combinations to unlock. You can unlock even just with one hand on the large screen  This is even more convenient when you are holding on to phones with even larger screen estate and you need now turn on and look at the screen or place your finger on a particular area for the sensor. 
And while you worry about the security, LG says there are than 80,000 combinations for you to use. Taps can be anywhere from two to eight  What is more, as the screen is off, you don't see any visible outlines of your tapping and therefore it is a pretty secured method. 

The Hidden Gem - Q Remote

I like the idea of having a mobile that can control the electronic devices around us. When the IR blaster was revived in the newer smartphones, it seems that the manufacturers found a new use for a component that should be long obsoleted. I especially love LG implementation of the universal remote in the form of Q Remote.  Although introduced since a few models before, I believe that people will not use it since ir is troublesome to configure. Surprisingly not. The Q Remote interface is simple and easy to use. Simply follow the steps shown on screen and it will work!

If you don't see your device model, you can create your very own remote by learning it!  

And there you have it, my review for LG G Pro2.  If you need the specs, you can check out my previous post on the launch of the LG G Pro2. Available at all M1, Singtel, Starhub and other authorized LG mobile retailers at a recommended retail price of S$828.

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