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(Credit: Screenshot from KBS Website)

Yoo hoo, a new week! Quite sometime ago since I last wrote about the dramas I watched. This time round, I am going to say a few words (not quite a few words exactly) about the most recent Kdrama that I watched - Who Are You: School 2015.

KBS had a few "School" series of dramas back in the 1999 - 2002, then brought it back in 2013 with Jang Na-ra, Choi Daniel, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin in School 2013. I have watched School 2013 and was looking forward when I saw the news about Who Are You: School 2015.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

The first episode of School 2015 is confusing. I only read of the plot like after I watched the first episode, then arh... Eureka! The story is about a pair of identical twins, Lee Eun-bi and Go Eun-byul (both acted by Kim So-hyun) and their struggles in school, love, friendship. Note the word identical, and therefore confusing when you have the whole episode switching between Seoul and Tongyeong. I watched the series in Chinese subs so I was wondering what is 统营 (Tongyeong) the whole time. 

Eun-bi was the nice sister that the other children in the orphanage look up to, but faces a gang of girl bullies in her school in Tongyeong. Eun-byul who was adopted and moved to Seoul was slightly more pricky girl but have some close friends. Eun-byul knows of her younger sister's presence.

The first two episodes was literally introducing the characters, how Eun-byul receives a weird text trying to make her guilty of the death of a classmate from this classmate's number. How close she is to the school star swimmer Han Yi-an (Nam Joo-hyuk). How Eun-bi committed suicide but finding herself in Eun-byul's shoes (not literally), and trying to recall if she is really Eun-byul as she looks identical. How Gong Tae-kwang (Yook Sungjae) start to turn from a nonchalant student who cares little about his surroundings to someone who would stood up for Eun-bi.

I have some questions when watching the drama.

But well, will you turn from someone who cares little about his surroundings to become someone's bff in within a few months? Or will you suddenly find yourself liking your best friend's younger, identical twin sister? What are the chances of you finding yourself in the same class again with your twin sister's bully? Why do you not report the harassment texts?

And suddenly you choose to go abroad to study when you finally reunite with your younger sister after years of living separately?

Despite confusing at the start due to the twins and some questions, the development of the story was satisfactory for me as a viewer. This is my first time watching Kim So-hyun not taking the role of "the younger version" of some characters in a drama so could see her acting skills in the full version, hehe. First time seeing a drama with Sungjae from BtoB (despite having watched Monstar and The Heirs).

Okay lah, these are some of my thoughts of the drama. Go watch it if you have not. Till my next update.

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