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If you’ve been watching the late night football matches, you’d have noticed that the cameras don’t only show the action going on the field, but also pans over people in the stadium. And if you’d really paid attention, you’d have noticed the cameramen tend to linger on a certain few individuals – that is, the wives and girlfriends of football players, WAGs for short.

And as much as I’d rather be watching the match, I really don’t mind looking at these WAGs! See, football WAGs are the cream of the crop – only top models and stars need apply. Here’s a list of the top 5 WAGs, as picked by BRAND’S®, who can be found supporting their extremely talented HABs (husbands and boyfriends!)

#5: Shakira (Gerard Pique, Team Spain)
We aren’t sure who in this couple is more famous – the singer whose hips just don’t lie, or the Spanish footballer. The good looking couple is happily married with a one year old son, despite their age gap (Shakira is 10 years older than Gerard!). And the sweetest thing is that they met while filming Shakira’s music video for the 2010 football anthem – Waka Waka.

Instagram: @Shakira

#4: Melissa Satta (Kevin Prince Boateng, Team Ghana)
Although she’s Italian-American, television presenter and model Melissa Satta is definitely going to be cheering on another country this season as her fiancé hails from Ghana. Also known as one of the hottest women in Italy, she isn’t shy about admitting that their personal life might be the reason why her man suffers from constant minor injuries.
Instagram: @SattaMelissa

#3: Margaret Natsuki (Shinji Kagawa, Team Japan)
Famous model and television personality in Japan, Margaret Natsuki is girlfriend to Japanese striker Shinji Kagawa. Initially mistaken for another Japanese pornstar, we think Margaret is actually the more beautiful one!
Instagram: @MaggyMoon

#2: Sara Carbonero (Iker Casillas, Team Spain)
Married to Spanish Goalkeeper Iker Casillas, television presenter and sports journalist Sara Carbonero was once voted the Sexiest Journalist in the World by the American FHM in 2009, and has even been blamed for distracting players while standing at the sidelines! The couple also have a son; newly born in January this year. It’s a pity we won’t be seeing more of her now that Spain has been eliminated, but at least Casillas has a gorgeous wife to comfort him!
Instagram: @SaraCarbonero

#1: Irina Shayk (Christiano Ronaldo, Team Portugal)
It’s tough to say who has it better – the one who scored the super-hot Sports Illustrated model, or the one who scored the World Footballer of the Year 2013. This Russian beauty is pretty multi-talented too. She’s a top model, having recently shot a scorching cover of Vogue Spain with the boyfriend, actress (catch her in Hercules, slated to be released July 2014), plays the piano and sings! Irina is #1 on the list not only because she is the hottest, but also because of her man – the ever famous Christiano Ronaldo.
Instagram: @IrinaShayk

There you have it! It’s tough to beat the beauty of Brazilian women, but these are the 5 hottest women you’ll see this football season! 

The lady below featured in the Korea news is also pretty but too bad she doesn't make it into the WAGs list!

Thanks for reading folks! 

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