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Today during civics...
The hall was unusually warm, despite the rain and they DID NOT switch on the air conditioners.

Finally, after much guesses and waiting, the college finally have a college song! It is released to the J2s today during the Civics period.

Hmm, it doesn't sound like a college song. The only part that it seems like a college song is its lyrics, but the music doesn't seem to suit the purpose of the song. The music itself sounded like some pop music or NDP theme song. Nevertheless, its still good to have a college song as an identity.

Although this blog is not launched, I am trying to type in my feelings so as to serve as an record.

I am still waiting for a tagboard, some tidying up of content and content addition.

So, in the meantime, this page will not be released as yet.
Hopefully, everything can be done by this week. :)

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