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Today is a super duper longgggg day again.Mondays with Innova are long, with lessons ending at 5:10pm.Unluckily, there is a Physics test today,scheduled at 5:30pm for one and a half hours.Haix, don't talk about it already.

Hurray, since the school opens two years ago,there isn't a single vending machine around.Well, it suddenly pop out this afternoon.Hmm, its still empty, so not of much use right now... haha.

Got home at 7:30pm(thanks Dad!),bathe, makan,saw the laptop in living room,can't resist temptation, boot up.Logon to blog.

Looking at my desk:

Oh my gosh, my table ... eh, not just that, my whole room is in a total mess. With projects(not PW) and stuff(homework,revision...blahblahblah) to clear on my hand,I basically don't have any time to clear them.(Don't ask me why I have time to blog :) ).

Hmm, one song to recommend before I log off:
Daite Senorita(抱いてセニョリータ) by Yamashita Tomohisa:

Adiós, amigo!

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