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(Content Advisory: Alcohol)

Fancy spending your Saturday afternoon on a beach with some sun?

Thanks to Tiger, we had a fun filled Saturday on the beach!


Let’s register for the event!

2012-03-24 14.55.21

See these passes? They are very unique! It has a bottle opener so you can have your very own bottle opener to open bottles of drinks!2012-03-24 15.03.51

It’s Tiger Time at the Wavehouse!

The first game of the day: Gladiators

2012-03-24 15.14.17

Contender 1:

2012-03-24 15.14.22

Contender 2:

2012-03-24 15.14.24

Guess who wins?

2012-03-24 15.14.18

The results!

2012-03-24 15.16.04-2

While watching the games, let’s have some ICE COLD Tiger!

2012-03-24 15.19.31

2012-03-24 15.25.35


2012-03-24 15.22.39

It’s a hot day! You can also dip into the pool infront of the stage!

2012-03-24 15.24.47

Perhaps, some music to bring up the atmosphere! Local Band 53A!

2012-03-24 15.43.322012-03-24 15.43.512012-03-24 15.43.20

Photo time!

2012-03-24 16.32.56

HP with Shaun.

2012-03-24 16.45.59

Terence (Titanium Terence) with Jessie.

2012-03-24 16.44.57


2012-03-24 16.33.41

Jonathan with HP.

2012-03-24 15.11.28

HP with Darren.

2012-03-24 15.39.58


2012-03-24 16.36.19

Christina was there too, but I didn’t manage to get a photo with her.

Had a great day hanging out with good friends!

The party ends at 7pm but I left at around 6. (:

Okay, I will end the post with a photo here of the beautiful sunset!

2012-03-24 19.00.50

(PS: Someone said it looks like sunrise! lols)

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