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Have you heard of Gumtree Singapore? My first impression of them is actually through this TVC that has been running on local television.

How did Gumtree start?

As I read up, Gumtree started out in 2000 as a community site in London to help Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans find a job, a place to stay and everything else needed to settle in, including furniture and new friends! Right now, Gumtree Singapore is the leading classifieds site here in Singapore.

The Giving Tree

Gumtree Singapore ( is embarking on its corporate social responsibility (CSR) project, ‘The Giving Tree’ and I am excited to be able to help them out on it! The project encourages the spirit of volunteering and giving back to the society.

Thanks to the folks over at Gumtree and Text100, I am able to take part in this meaningful project to help the children.

One of the tasks is to look up Gumtree for the perfect gift for the children. So what makes a perfect gift? One that the children will need and require. It can be furniture,  electronic dictionary, books, just to name a few. 

Firstly, when I logged onto Gumtree Singapore, I am amazed by how easy it is to navigate through the website.

image Notice that in the middle, there are a number of categories that you can look out for, such as Stuff for Sale, Property and Jobs. Of course I am finding a gift for them so I looked under stuff for sale. 
image Another way I tried is to use their search function to narrow down to the keywords of the gift I had in mind.
image You can choose further through the side bar on the left.
And, ta-da! I found what I wanted.
So now I have to contact the seller. I can easily do so via the form on the right! You can even share this ad! Some sellers leave their number on the website. You can click on the big green button to unhide it.
image image

As Gumtree Singapore is a classifieds website, it does not offer transaction or payment services. One good way to prevent fraud is to meet up the seller in person to pay in cash. Another tip that I practice when I meet the seller is to choose a place that is more crowded!


So that’s it! The gift is chosen and collected, ready to be sent to the children. Hope the children like it!

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