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As we draw to a close of this crazy football season, we want to salute and celebrate the advertisements that brought a smile to our faces, directed us to where to satisfy our midnight hunger pangs, or stirred the innermost desire to immediately run out to buy that product.

All About Food
If there’s anything that will unite us Singaporeans, it’s food. It is tough staying up in the wee hours of the night to catch the game – so thank goodness for fast food and their delivery services. It’s definitely not healthy in the long run, but as long as it satisfies the hunger pangs, who’s complaining?

For most of us, forking out over $100 to watch a month of football can be a painful financial exercise to swallow. Even if we can afford it, it’s hard to stomach the sickly feeling that we are being held ransom to the local Telcos who have been without impunity doubling the prices. Thank our lucky stars that there are real alternatives like McDonalds, SAFRA and CCs. The only downside is that you can’t watch it in your PJs.

Hmm – Looks like
Salute to the agencies and brands that reference the world’s most beloved game and recognizable cup. You have to be either daft or living in a cave not to know what the ads are about.
Even though some of these brands are not official sponsors, with just the right amount of cheeky humor, dash of colors and clever copywriting – they’ve managed to easily capture the attention of millions, both football fans and non-fans alike.
Audio specialist Beats is just one of those uber cool brands, where even a poster (a completely passive medium) makes you want to reach out and get yourself a set of Beats headphones. Do check out the video and hear the inspiring chat that Neymar had with his dad as part of his pre-game ritual – all this before listening to a motivating track using his Beats headphones.

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