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After a long weekend, the first day of work of the Year of Goat and also, the Budget Day. I do not usually write things that are more socio-political in nature but I do try to keep up to date with the budget every year (not only if there is Ang Pow or not!). Okay, not just for Ang Pows okay? I am also very concerned over the new policies that they are dishing out every year hor!

Usually, I will follow the telecast of the speech, reading the newspapers, online news sources and etc. But as a techie at work, watching the telecast of the speech is out of the question so Twitter kept me updated. I was following the hashtag #SGBudget2015 yesterday.

According to Twitter, the most tweeted topics of the #SGBudget2015 are
1. SkillsFuture
2. Silver Support
3. exam fees
4. tax rebate
5. petrol duty
6. robin hood
7. tax deduction
8. work permit
9. airport terminal
10. edusave
And here are some of the interesting tweets about the #SGBudget2015:

Silver Support Scheme
Exams Fee Waiver
So what are your take about the budget? Did you share any thoughts of the #SGBudget2015 on Twitter or other social media? 

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